Elderhostel Programs

Elderhostels are learning and activity experiences for folks who are at least sixty years old. There are literally thousands of classes and field experiences available throughout the United States, covering every subject imaginable.

I first began teaching Elderhostels in the mid-80s, assisting Mike Houck, who taught Portland Audubon's "Birds of Malheur" Elderhostel. After a couple of years helping out, I began to teach my own session, with the help of a couple of assistants. I've had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of participants, and they are enthusiastic about Elderhostel, with many taking twenty or thirty over the years. I've been impressed by the wide variety of backgrounds of participants. I've had plenty of doctors and scientists, but also ranchers and blue-collar workers, all unified by their desire to continue to learn and experience new things as they age. The groups usually get along tremendously.

I highly recommend Elderhostel programs for those of you who meet the age requirement. If you don't, and are a capable teacher, consider teaching one! You'll find it a tremendously rewarding experience.

For more information about Elderhostel, visit their home page!

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